Product Pipeline

The prototype TGF-β receptor antagonists have limited solubility in aqueous solution and short plasma half-lives.  Our newly developed derivatives have excellent solubility in aqueous solution, ~10-20-times more potent TGF-β receptor antagonist activity and longer plasma half-lives than those of the prototype antagonists. These new products are effective in enhancing dermal wound healing and reducing scarring by topical administration, and in ameliorating (or even reversing) lung fibrosis by inhalational administration in standard animal disease models. They do not show adverse effects in treated animals. These products (gel formulation for wound treatment and aerosol formulation for lung fibrosis treatment) are currently in preclinical trials. Parenteral administration treatment of liver fibrosis will be the next Auxagen target. Tissue-specific targeting (e.g., liver, kidney and pancreas) technologies of TGF-β receptor antagonists are Auxagen’s future targets.